Kennis is macht. Daarom houdt de redactie van Inside Information voortdurend een oog op de laatste stand van kennis in de wetenschap. Links naar interessante onderzoeken vindt u hier.

The Quest for the Room of Requirement – Why Some Activity-based Flexible Offices Work While Others Do Not (2019)

Clustering of Dutch school children based on their preferences and needs of the IEQ in classrooms (2018)

A review of green systems within the indoor environment (2018)

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The impact of interior design on visual discomfort reduction

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External validations of a non-obtrusive practical method to measure personal lighting conditions in offices (2018)

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Flexible working spaces


The impact of workplaces and self-management practices on the productivity of knowledge workers (2017)

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Burn-out: verbanden tussen emotionele uitputting, arbeidsmarktpositie en Het Nieuwe Werken (2014)